Given name: Julian Family name: Kudaszewski

  • YES
  • Male
  • Julian
  • Kudaszewski
  • An industrialist. Polish partner of Emil Wajc - they ran a factory of brushes in the ghetto. At an initiative group's appeal he gave money for the construction of a modern orphanage in the ghetto. Regarded in the ghetto as a Jew-friendly, polite and nice man, who helped other Jewish institutions as well. A friend of a Polish-Jewish poet - Wladyslaw Szlenger. Kept a collection of his poems on the 'Aryan side.'

  • Poles
  • Adolf Berman; 'Wos der gojr hot mir beszert. Mit jedn in Warsze 1939-1942' ('What Has the Fate Prepared For Me. In Warsaw With the Jews In 1939-42')

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