Dzielna From Warsaw

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  • From Warsaw
  • Śródmieście
  • Dzielna
  • 61
  • in the ghetto, deportation
  • social/communal
  • address, the rich, prices, children, care / social welfare, aid, entrepreneurs, orphanages, deportation
  • 'Dobra Wola' - an orphanage set up in January 1942 by a group of individual founders (the heads of the patronage: Gepner, Kobryner); the director - Pinkiertowa; Weitz, who owned a factory of brushes at Dzielna Street No. 61, financed the enterprise; the standard was much higher than in other orphanages; monthly board and lodging - 250,000 zloty; the orphanage was deported together with the orphanages at Wolnosc Street No. 14 and 16, ca. 400 children.

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    • Dzielna

      the 'Dobra Wola' ('Good Will') orphanage

    • Dzielna 61

      the 'Dobra Wola' orphanage

    • Dzielna 61

      the brushmakers' shop took care of the day care centre; displaced in July 1942