Given name: Beniamin Family name: Zabłudowski

  • YES
  • Male
  • Beniamin
  • Zabłudowski
  • 1942-03-01
  • Until 1939, a Judenrat member, connected with, among others, the Institute for Judaic Studies. During the occupation, he was a member of the Judenrat, the head of the Personnel Department, a member of the Presidium of the Jewish Social Self-Help (ZSS), the chairman of the the Postal Department /cooperation with Natan Jaszunski (from January 1941 to January 1942).

  • civil servants, activists
  • One of the things he managed was the assignment of the fuel and undelivered food parcels: Korczak considered him a boor, 'an idiot, a megalomaniac and a pest', which he expressed directly in letters addressed to him and J. Naszunski.

  • 104, p