Given name: Unknown Family name: Winter

  • YES
  • Male
  • Winter
  • the begining of May (?)
  • Warszawa(?)
  • The older son and a daughter of Szmuel Winter. Died, probably shot with their father at the square in front of the Judenrat building in Zamenhofa Street No. 19 (where the Monument Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto is situated today); in the first days of May 1943.

  • activists
  • Edelman, who observed from the roof of the building in Franciszkanska Street No. 30 people being taken out from the bunker in the opposite building (including Szmuel Winter), said that there were several young people probably also Winter's children. The oldest Winter's son - Julek, born in 1924, high, skinny in glasses, standing out was deported with professor Gutman to Majdanek and after several weeks to Auschwitz, where he died.

  • s.282-283