Krewni Szereszewskich przebywający po stronie...

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  • Krewni Szereszewskich przebywający po stronie aryjskiej

  • listopad 42
  • in the ghetto
  • private life / daily life
  • the 'Aryan' side, private life
  • 175,176
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    • Szereszewski Leon

      A student. During the first action he came out to the 'Aryan side' with his four-year-old grandson Elkuna. He hid at...

    • Szereszewski Edward

      He studied philosophy in Marburg. A painter? In the ghetto, he lived with his wife and children in Leszno Street No....

    • Szereszewska Bronisława

      In the ghetto, she lived with her husband and children at Leszno Street No. 76. In August 1942, she crossed with her...

    • Szpilfogel Marian

      a relative of the Szereszewski family. In the autumn of 1942 he was with his wife Julia on the "Aryan side".

    • Szpilfogel Julia

      In the autumn 1942 she was with her husband on the "Aryan side"

    • Szpilfogel Maurycy

      a chemist. In autumn 1942 he was with his wife and daughter on the 'Aryan side'. He lived alone at Emilia Plater Str...

    • Szpilfogel Helena

      in the autumn 1942 she was on the 'Aryan side' with her husband and daughter.

    • Wyszewiańska Hanna

      During the autumn of 1941 she was on the "Aryan side" with her parents. She lived in Nowogrodzka Street an...

    • Szpilfogel Unknown

      In the fall of 1942 she was on the 'Aryan side'. A man who led her from the ghetto and was to take care of her often...

    • Laskowska Anusia

      In the ghetto she learned to sew in a workshop in Nowolipie Street. After the opening of the Toebben's shop, she sta...