Information received from Zdzislaw Stankiewicz

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  • after the war
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  • The records come from the information send via e-mail and published on the Internet by Zdzislaw Stankiewicz, on the sites,ID188142415,DA2007-03-19,index.html and The author, among other things, writes: '(...) Joanna's mother was a teacher in the teacher college, my mother was a graduate of the teacher college, I wrote a doctoral thesis about the teacher college. After the fall of the ghetto uprising in Ms Joanna's house Jews were hidden, I still have evidences given by the witnesses that there were Jews in our house, hidden during the occupation, until the uprising. I retained in my memory two beautiful Jewish girls , we called them Ma and Po. For two weeks they stood motionless, without a murmur behind the closet and they could leave the place only late in the evening. It was because whole day someone was visiting us, so that there could be no reasons for suspicions that there is something to hide in the house. Despite it, once a visit of a smuggler happened. He must have been under surveillance, as he didn't leave the gate alive. I don't know what task I did, when I was told to phone somewhere and immediately leave (God forbid run) the café in the corner of Chlodna and Zelazna Streets, on the opposite of the German guard post (wacha). To accomplish the task I was given a golden watch. It was strange, because everything was reversed. Its hands went backwards and the screw had to be pressed to set the time. I retain this watch in my memory together with the burnt house on the corner of Wronia/Ogrodowa Streets. At my neighbour's place (a railwayman and a communist - he was after the war the superintendent of the local police station) lived Zuzia. A pretty girl with huge black eyes. She never spoke or smiled, we were not allowed to play with her. A few years after the war my Mum told me that Zuzia was a Jewish child; her whole family died in front of her eyes. It's a small world!'