Al. Ujazdowskie From Warsaw

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  • From Warsaw
  • Śródmieście
  • Al. Ujazdowskie
  • Germans operations
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  • There were rumours in the city that during the execution in Ujazdowskie Avenue and in the ghetto 1100 people had been killed.

  • Jakub, no title. Description of the author's war-time experiences begins with the Polish-German War of 1939 (escape from Warsaw and return). The author moved out of the ghetto to the so-called 'Aryan side', and stayed with Julia Rogowinska in Praga and busied himself with trade. Since 16 May 1943 he was hiding and avoided leaving the flat (a number of times he did leave to do some smuggling ['szmugiel']). Part of the memoir that deals with the period 1943-1944 contains mainly information on military operations from the newspapers, rumours (incl. those on Polish underground organisations), occasional poems and information on Julia's family. The memoir ends in the middle of a sentence describing the situation in Warsaw at the end of July 1944. The author, whose surname is unknown, was a bookkeeper and died in the Warsaw uprising. The memoir was given to the Jewish Historical Institute by Julia Rogowinska.

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