Al. Ujazdowskie From Warsaw

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  • From Warsaw
  • Śródmieście
  • Al. Ujazdowskie
  • before Ghetto
  • administrative, Germans operations
  • Information from the source: Jews' Diaries; Sygn. 302/90, Jewish Historical Institute Archives; title: Zydzi pod swastyka czyli getto w Warszawie w XX-tym wieku (The Jews under the Swastika, or the Ghetto in Warsaw in the 20th century) p. 31 '... in several points of the city there were boards placed with a ban of crossing those streets by the Jews (the Krasinki's Square, the Pilsudski's Square - called Hitlerplatz, Ujazdowskie Avenue)...'

  • Zydzi pod swastyka czyli getto w Warszawie w XX-tym wieku (The Jews under the Swastika, or the Ghetto in Warsaw in the 20th century) in: the Archives of the Jewish Historical Institute; Sygn. 302/90 Henryk Bryskier (Wladysław Janowski) 3 July 1899-18 October 1945, Warsaw, son of Julian and Sura. The early days of the German occupation in Warsaw. Anti-Jewish decrees, expropriation of Jewish businesses. Activity of Jewish social organisations. The establishment and organisation of the Judenrat. Living conditions in the ghetto. [a substantial part of the memoir on the life in the ghetto and the author's social activities is missing. The liquidation action in the summer of 1942, selections, organisation of 'shops' (the author worked in Brauer's shop), construction of shelters. Testimony of a refugee from Treblinka. The Warsaw ghetto uprising. The author was deported to Lublin to the concentration camp in Lipowa St. Living conditions in the camp. The author was an engineer and a social activist in the Warsaw ghetto. The memoir was written in hiding in Warsaw during 1943-1944. As the author moved to another hideout, he could not continue writing and describe his escape from the concentration camp. In May 1944 he hid the manuscript in Praga. After the liberation he was a department director in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In 1947 his daughter submitted the memoir to the Jewish Historical Commission. Attached to the memoir is a fragment of a copy prepared for publication by Adam Rutkowski (39 pages), table of contents of the entire memoir (9 pages covering over 600 pages of the manuscript), and a letter from the author's daughter, Jadwiga Bryskier-Shalit of 18 April 1964 (5 pages), containing information of the author and the circumstances under which the memoir was written. Publication: H. Bryskier, Zydzi pod swastyka czyli getto w Warszawie, 'Biuletyn ZIH', No 62 (1967), pp. 77-99, No 67 (1968), pp. 109-132 (fragments); Pamietniki z getta warszawskiego, Warsaw, 1993, pp. 101-104, 125-129, 145-147 (fragments).
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