Given name: M Family name: Rubinsztein

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  • Rubinsztein
  • He was born and lived in Warsaw. His father was a carpenter, and made antique furniture. He had his own workshop at Bagno Street No. 8. His father's brother had a tailor's workshop. M. had three younger sisters, one of them died in August 1939. Before the war he completed the sixth grade. His father died of heart disease at the end of September 1939. The uncle looked after the family, until he died of lungs disease in January 1940. M and his mother traded, they sold out things. His mother hired herself out for laundry until she was strong enough. Then they lived thanks to the help of the House Committee.
    But after the ghetto had been established, the Committee stopped helping them. They sold the rest of their belongings, they starved and had wounds because of the cold. They would not have survived if they had not reached the common room at Karmelicka Street No. 11. The common room was then moved to Nowolipki Street No. 25, and changed into a half-boarding school. M and his two sisters visited that place and received food.

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