Given name: Abram Family name: Gepner

  • YES
  • Male
  • Abram
  • Gepner
  • Abraham Gepner
  • 1943-03-05
  • 1872
  • Warszawa
  • a merchant, iron trade industrialist, Warsaw city councillor, economic
    activist, worker for voluntary causes, philantropist. In the ghetto a member of the Judenrat, head of the Economic Department and the Supply Section. He secretly favoured the Jewish Fighting Organisation (ZOB). He broke occupation regulations getting provisions for people in the ghetto - mainly for refugees and children from children's homes. He did not take his friends' offer to cross to the 'Aryan side'. He died in a bunker uncovered by the Nazis at Franciszkanska Street No. 30.

  • activists
  • 112, p