Given name: Róża Family name: Azrylewicz-Sztokman

  • YES
  • Female
  • Róża
  • Azrylewicz-Sztokman
  • A former foster child and long-standing intendant at Korczak's Orphanage, Jozef Sztokman's wife, also foster child and employee of administration. In Korczak's Orphanage, in the ghetto, she was with her family: mother, father (died before the deportation), five-year-old daughter Roma and brother Henryk (also Orphanage's employee). She died with the Orphanage.

  • care / social welfare
  • 'Completely honest and industrious, devoted to the Orphanage' - according to Stella Eliasberg, 'Historia Domu Sierot' (Korczak's Orphanage's Story). She was accused of the theft from the warehouse by a new foster child, because Mrs Rozia exchanged her own 'voucher bread' - black and bitter - for white, which her feeble daughter had to eat. She had an Aryan look, spoke Polish correctly, had friends in Warsaw - she didn't try to find rescue on the 'Aryan side'.

  • 222-225, 286 p