Given name: Edwin Family name: Weiss

  • YES
  • Male
  • Edwin
  • Weiss
  • He was the head of the 'Hachszar' group on Nalewki Street No. 10 and the representative in the He Chaluc organisation, succeeded by Helena Rufeisen-Schuepper. Captured with his wife at the Umschlagplatz, they lost each other in the crowd, his wife is put on the train, Edwin is rescued by N. Remba. He fell into despair, had a breakdown then he was determined to revenge. During the Great Action he left the ghetto and went with Helena Rufeisen-Schuepper and Salo Kanal to Krakow to join the underground army. He had 'good Aryan' appearance - tall, handsome, with fluent Polish.

  • activists
  • Rufeisen-Schuepper, Helena; Pozegnanie Milej 18. Wspomnienia laczniczki Zydowskiej Organizacji Bojowej (A Farewell in Mila Street No. 18. Memoires of Messenger of the Jewish Fighting Organisation)

  • 33; 49-50