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  • Szopy

  • przełom 1942 i 1943
  • przełom 1942 i 1943
  • in the ghetto
  • business
  • Shops
  • Cyprys, Ruth, Skok dla życia. Pamiętnik z czasów okupacji Polski

  • [85-86]
  • Related people:

    • Cyprys Ruth

      her father was a well-known jeweller, a wealthy man who often traveled across Europe on business. Ruth was brought u...

    • Klimanek Unknown

      Director Klimanek's wife, at Christmas 1942 she came to Schultz's shop in oder to pick up the author's daughter Ewa,...

    • Cyprys Ewa

      Ruth Cyprys's daughter, born at the beginning of the German occupation (the father moved from Warsaw to the East and...

    • H. (pan) Unknown

      a rich zaddick’s Hasid from Aleksandrow, head of the head of cobblers’ division, Schultz’s shop; he maintained for h...

    Related places:

    • Nowolipie 51

      [Fritz] Schultz & Co. - one of the biggest shop in the ghetto - tailor-furriery branch; the area was called...