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  • 1943-01-20
  • 1943-01-20
  • deportation
  • German operations
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  • Cyprys, Ruth, Skok dla życia. Pamiętnik z czasów okupacji Polski

  • [90-92]
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    • Cyprys Ruth

      her father was a well-known jeweller, a wealthy man who often traveled across Europe on business. Ruth was brought u...

    • Brandt Karl

      SS-Obersturmführer, referent do spraw żydowskich w warszawskim gestapo; autorka kreśli jego fizjonomiczny portret: n...

    • Schiemann Unknown

      one of the best Germans from F. Schultz's shop in Nowolipie Street; On 20 January 1943 he came to Umschlagplatz and...

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    • Stawki 6/8

      Appearance: 'A huge square behind the buildings of the hospital, enclosed by a tall wall at the top of which there w...