Testimony 301-4153; Jewish Historical Institute Archives

  • Dawid
  • Sznejur
  • account/testimony
  • no
  • no
  • Yiddish
  • Surnames of the religious and social activists of the Warsaw ghetto, interesting, but the translation is probably very poor. The author is most likely Dawid Sznejer.

  • Related people:

    • Kanał Icchak

      Died of natural causes, of tuberculosis.

    • Kohn Unknown

      A rabbi from Zgierz, lived in Majzelsa Street, in the Warsaw ghetto there was his son-in-law - Ajbuszyc.

    • Kornwajc Lejb

      Activist of the Handicrafters' Union, lived at Mila Street No. 36, chairman of the Section for Help of meal distribu...

    • Krel Józef

      Lived at Zamehofa Street No. 44, supported rabbies financially, died of typhus; in his house he was the chairman of...

    • Praszker Unknown

      he worked at the point at Niska Street No. 20, he lived at Muranowska Street No. 18, a member of the Refugee Committ...

    • Przepiórka I.

      a member of Poale-Zion, he lived at Muranowska Street No. 6. a factory owner, a member of the Refugee Committee

    • Wizenberg Dawid

      he made gloves, a Zionist, a social activist, deported during the First Action

    • Goldszlag Unknown

      lived at Majzelsa Street No. 5, lived in poverty

    • Gelibter Jakow

      a social activist, a Zionist, active in the milieu of small merchants, he lived at Muranowska Street No.32

    • Gutgeld Unknown

      a Zionist, worker for voluntary causes in the ghetto, deported during the action

    • Gliner Ber

      used to sell furs at Nalewki Street No. 13, non-party, run the 'Winter Relief' ('akcja Pomocy Zimowej, PZ'), deporte...

    • Raduński Dawid

      A social activist, deputy director of Region I

    • Barenbojm Leon

      Residing at Zamenhofa Street No. 30, a merchant from the metal trade. He was the head of Kitchen's Commission in Reg...

    • Mławer Unknown

      a social activist in the ghetto, a co-founder of educational system in the ghetto, deported during the action

    • Ajbuszyc Unknown

      lives at Majzelsa Street No. 7, son-in-law of rabbi Kohn from Zgierz

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