Given name: Dawid Family name: Sznejer

  • YES
  • Male
  • Dawid
  • Sznejer
  • 1905-03-14
  • Author of the testimonies: 301-2976 and 301-2977 about Jozef Zyto's shop and 'Waldemar Schmidt's' shop, and of the testimony 301-4153. He was the graduate of a rabbi school. In the ghetto he lived at Wolynska Street No. 17 on the third floor. He saved himself during the blockade in blocs of the shop on 22 August 1942 because he was on guard and did not work. The Germans searched flats to second floor and he lived on the third floor. After the war he was in Brussels. He wrote a memoir in the ghetto but it burnt down.

  • the rich
  • His name is mentioned also in testimonies: 301-4153 and 301-2977.

  • Sznejer, Dawid; relacja 301-2976 (testimony 301-2976)