Given name: Bronisława Family name: Szereszewska

  • YES
  • Female
  • Bronisława
  • Szereszewska
  • Elżbieta Siemińska
  • In the ghetto, she lived with her husband and children at Leszno Street No. 76. In August 1942, she crossed with her children (ten-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter) to the 'Aryan side.' She lived at Wspolna Street No. 10 for a month. Later, she also lived for some time with her husband in Bielany; then at Mokotowska Street No. 18. She had papers with the name Elzbieta Siemienska, unmarried woman with two children - Jozef and Ewa. At the end of May 1943, she applied for departure for herself and her children by the Hotel Polski. She resigned, because a soothsayer prophesied her journey and death. Her husband resigned as well. In summer 1943, she left with her children to a holiday resort in Olszanka. She also spent the Christmas of 1943 there. On 1 February 1944, her husband died. The Germans were also looking for her. She moved out from the flat in Mokotowska Street, lived in Chmielna Street for 6 weeks. Then, she left with her children to a forester's lodge in Krzeszow. She stayed there to see the end of war.

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  • fair blond with blue eyes

  • 93,176,292-297,318,323,, 332-335