Given name: Unknown Family name: N.

  • YES
  • Male
  • N.
  • Mr. N's, the author's friend; an engineer, a Judenrat employee, he was in a round-up with his wife (employed in the Schultz's furrier department) and two sons: 13-year-old Jozio and 9-year-old Jas - at night before the selection a dramatic conversation, how to rescue the children. Mr. N. went to the Judenrat with his two sons to get life numbers, he got only one; the older son hid on his own and the father with the younger Jas tried to go through the selection. Then, an elderly woman, who had only one life number for her husband and herself, gave it to Jas together with 500 zloties. Next she and her husband took cyanide together. The fair-haired Jas survived the war.

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  • Cyprys, Ruth Altbeker; A Jump for Life: A Survivor's Journal from Nazi-Occupied Poland, ed. Elaine Potter, London: Constable, 1997