Given name: Anusia Family name: Laskowska

  • YES
  • Female
  • Anusia
  • Laskowska
  • 1923
  • In the ghetto she learned to sew in a workshop in Nowolipie Street. After the opening of the Toebben's shop, she started to work there with her mother in the tailoring department. They lived at Walicow Street No. 6, in the annexe, at Mrs Berman's place. Anusia used to go out with Harry. She married him. On 29 July 1942 they jumped over the wall. They lived in Radosc. Harry produced "Aryan papers" for Jews who were hiding, but he blackmailed his clients, and used Anusia. The family didn't trust Anusia, they were afraid of Harry, and urged her to split up with him.

  • youth
  • pretty, having a Tartar appearance

  • 70,71,75,76,176,303-305