Jews' Diaries, sygn. 302/27; Jewish Historical Institute Archives; author: Samuel Puterman; title: no title

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  • Puterman
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  • after the war
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  • Jews' Diaries, sygn. 302/27; in the Jewish Historical Institute Archives; The diary contains information about different aspects of life in the Warsaw ghetto: internal imprisonment in the ghetto, obligatory disinfection, activity of Gestapo agents (the so-called the 'Thirteen') and entrepreneurs Kon and Heller, resettlements of people from the provinces, activity of house committees, social stratification of the ghetto population, food smuggling, furs confiscation, diminution of the ghetto borders, exhibitions, plays, resettlement of the Gypsies to the ghetto. Informative fragments interweave with belles-lettres narration describing personal experiences. The author (born in 1915) was an artist, a painter by profession and during the occupation a functionary of Jewish Police in the Warsaw ghetto. According to the afterword to the diary, during the Warsaw ghetto uprising he crossed to the so-called 'Aryan side' and after the Warsaw uprising of 1944 he was deported to Sachsenhausen. In 1945 he submitted his diary to the Jewish Historical Commission in Warsaw. He died in France in 1955.
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