Given name: Róża Family name: Amzel

  • YES
  • Female
  • Róża
  • Amzel
  • Warszawa?
  • Assistant at the State Hygiene Institution. She was in Paris when the war broke out, she came to Warsaw on the last train. During the siege of Warsaw she helped Hirszfeld with the organization of blood donors network. In the ghetto she was Hirszfeld's deputy in the bacteriological laboratory of the hospital in Stawki Street. During the First Action Hirszfeld gave her and her mother jobs in a 'shop'. She was captured for deportation several times, but managed to escape to the 'Aryan side' where she hid almost a year. Arrested and killed with her mother.

  • physicians
  • closest associate of Hirszfeld

  • 259,304,338,344