Grupka obcych wchodzi w krąg światła świecy: W...

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  • Grupka obcych wchodzi w krąg światła świecy: Władka zna zaledwie dwóch z nich, Staszka i Małego Jakubka. Witają się radośnie.

  • jesień 1943
  • private/everyday life
  • contacts with other Jews , outside of Warsaw
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  • Related people:

    • Unknown Jakubek

      one of thirteen Jews hiding in a barn in Zelislawice; Wladka met him again in Romanow's cottage

    • Meed Władka

      the author of memoirs. During the First Action she loses her mother and brother. After the liquidation of the Small...

    • Unknown Staszek

      One of the partisans met by Wladka in Romanow's house: young Jew, who was among the thirteen people hiding in a barn...

    Related places:

    • Unknown

      Old Romanow lives there with his family, he is a peasant who helps Jewish people and partisans.