Dzień w Gminie

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  • Dzień w Gminie

  • pocz.września 42
  • deportation
  • administrative
  • Judenrat
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  • Related people:

    • Hurwicz Irena

      The older daughter of the legal advisor of the Judenrat. Taken hostage with her father and mother at the end of July...

    • Fliederbaum Unknown

      An intendant of the hospital in Leszno Street.

    • Spira Unknown

      In the autumn of 1942 he was living with his wife and children in Muranowska Street, No. 40. During the January Acti...

    • Sztokhammer Unknown

      In autumn 1942 he lived with his family at Muranowska Street No. 40. During the January action they hid in the basem...

    • Karabanow Unknown

      A Jewish policeman.

    • Frendler Unknown

      lived at Walicow Street No. 6. His wife was deported during the First Action. He himself hid in a gateway and thus r...

    • Laskowski Mieczysław

      Brother of Helena Szereszewska's brother-in-law. His wife was taken to the Umschlag during the First Action, he ran...

    Related places:

    • Zamenhofa 19

      the Judenrat was moved from Grzybowska Street on 9 August 1942