Liliana’s Journal: Warsaw, 1939-1945. New York: Dial Press, 1980

  • Liliana
  • Zuker-Bojanowska
  • New York
  • 1980
  • personal accounts
  • yes
  • no
  • English
  • The only daughter of Cukier, an engineer from Kalisz. She comes to the Warsaw ghetto with her family. In the ghetto she works in a factory of glue and inks. She loses all her family at the Umschlagplatz. She was hidden on the 'Aryan side' by her grandmother's servant, Marysia, and her friends. In September she marries Anek Lewicki. On the fifth day of the uprising Anek dies, Liliana becomes a widow. After the expulsion from Warsaw she lives in Pyry with her husband's family. After coming back to Warsaw she lives in Mokotow district with Marysia (former servant of her grandmother, Maria Cukier) at her sister's-in-law (Kazia) place. After arriving in Kalisz, she gets back her grandmother's flat. She earns a living for herself and Marysia by altering clothes. In December 1945 she leaves for Berlin, from where she emigrates to the USA, and then to Central America. In El Salvador she meets Bernard Shepard and marries him in December 1952. She has two daughters: Emily Ann and Susan. Soon after the marriage she moves with her family to the USA.

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      the Cukiers' old nany: she took care of small Liliana, later she was taken in by her after the war

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      Liliana Cukier's mother, engineer Stefan Cukier's wife

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      A town where the refugees from Kalisz (and later also members of government for a few days) find shelter