Given name: Edwarda Family name: Ukrainczyk

  • YES
  • Female
  • Edwarda
  • Ukrainczyk
  • 1915
  • Yes
  • From Warsaw
  • Ochota, Śródmieście
  • Jewish
  • in an apartment
  • In September 1939 lived in Warsaw, Sniadeckich Street No. 44; after the war in Warsaw, Targowa Street No. 7.

  • children, survivors, Poles, aid, the 'Aryan' side, escaping the ghetto
  • Also listed in the Register of Jewish Survivors, CKZP WEiS sygn. 512, p. 48, Archives of the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw

  • Alphabetical list of Polish Jews, compiled in March 1946, based on registration forms of the Registry and Statistics Department of the Warsaw Committee of the Central Committee of Polish Jews. Currently in the archives of the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw (CKZP WEiS sygn. 514). The list is in a tabular form, containing the following data: registry number, first name, surname, date of birth, address as of 1939, and current address (as of 1946)
    <b>Archive of the Jewish Historical Institute </b>
    Tlomackie St. 3/5
    00-090 Warsaw
    phone: (48) (22) 827 92 21, fax: (48)(22) 827 83 72
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