Szereszewscy i Himmelfarbowie spędzili noc w m...

  • YES
  • Szereszewscy i Himmelfarbowie spędzili noc w mieszkaniu Górnego. Następnej nocy spali tam z Kupczykierami

  • 1943-01-18
  • 1943-01-20
  • deportation
  • social/communal
  • civil servants, private life
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    • Górny Unknown

      the Judenrat's store-house keeper. On 18 January 1943 he was taken with his wife and daughter but allegedly he was b...

    • Lewkowicz Unknown

      a legal trainee, worked in the Legal Department of the Judenrat in August 1942, father deported; lost his wife durin...

    • Szereszewska Helena

      Her father managed a farm. She finished junior high school in Piotrkow and left for Geneva to study. She married her...

    • Kupczykier Leopold

      Judenrat member, organised the Order Service (Jewish police). When the deportations started, he lived in Panska Stre...

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    • Zamenhofa 19

      the Judenrat was moved from Grzybowska Street on 9 August 1942