Pojechaliśmy do lasów wyszkowskich do partyzan...

  • NO
  • Pojechaliśmy do lasów wyszkowskich do partyzantki. Pnina była w partyzantce do lipca 44

  • ok. 20 maja 43
  • lipiec 44
  • underground activity
  • Polish underground movement , outside of Warsaw
  • 99
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    • Grynszpan-Frymer Pnina

      She was born as the last, late child - she had seven siblings. Her father had a carriage and horses, he transported...

    • Frymer Chaim

      came from a religious family. During the uprising he was in the Akiba combat group in the central ghetto, he took pa...

    • Szniper Dov

      Member of the Haszomer Hacair combat group. Left the ghetto through the sewers on 10 May 1943. He was in a partisan...

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