Po wyjściu z getta JBD zamieszkał u Władka

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  • Po wyjściu z getta JBD zamieszkał u Władka

  • wrzesień 42
  • deportation
  • private life / daily life
  • Poles, the 'Aryan' side, escaping the ghetto
  • 122
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    • J.B.D. Unknown

      before the war he lived in Warsaw with his mother and wife. He ran a photographer's shop in the city centre. He took...

    • Unknown Marysia

      former servant of JBD, she helped him after he left the ghetto; he lived with her in Smulikowskiego Street and in Po...

    • Unknown Władek

      JBD's student and employee, uses photographic equipment given him by JBD and runs his shop. JBD stays in his flat af...

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    • Promenada

      Wladek lived here - JBD's photographic employee; JBD lived with Wladek after he had left the ghetto.