Atak Niemców na bunkier przy Franciszkańskiej 30

  • YES
  • Atak Niemców na bunkier przy Franciszkańskiej 30

  • 1943-05-01
  • 1943-05-03
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943
  • social/communal
  • address, hideout, Germans, armed resistance
  • 94,95
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    • Papier Zygmunt, Zysiek

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    • Grynszpan-Frymer Pnina

      She was born as the last, late child - she had seven siblings. Her father had a carriage and horses, he transported...

    • Gutman Hanoch

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    • Grynszpan Jurek

      he was born in intellectual family. During the ghetto uprising he was commander of one of four combat units of Polis...

    • Brylantensztejn, Brylantsztajn Staszek

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    • Ejger Abraham

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    • Lent Szaanan

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