Testimony 301-5556; Jewish Historical Institute Archives

  • Jerzy
  • Rudnicki
  • account/testimony
  • no
  • after the war
  • Polish
  • Testimony of Jewish Fighter Organization fighter. Interesting. Brief.
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    • Rudnicki Jerzy

      Author of the testimony 301-5556, a construction technician. In the ghetto he lived in Nowolipki Street, he worked i...

    • Moncarz Dawid

      the author's friend, wounded in the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto

    • Ajzenfus Szlama

      cousin of the author of the testimony; after the war as Rudnicki Stanislaw, during the Warsaw ghetto uprising in the...

    • Hildebrand Unknown

      Took part in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, escaped from the ghetto on the night between 7 and 8 May 1943, after the wa...

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