Mieszkanie na Lwowskiej

  • NO
  • Mieszkanie na Lwowskiej

  • marzec 43
  • in the Ghetto
  • housing
  • 280-282
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    • Grabowska Wanda

      Aunt of Marysia Szereszewska's gymnasium (junior high school) mate. Widow, lonely for many years. Lives in Lwowska S...

    • Szereszewska Helena

      Her father managed a farm. She finished junior high school in Piotrkow and left for Geneva to study. She married her...

    • Unknown Marysia

      In autumn 1939, she was married, had three-year-old son - Macius. She lived in Wisniowa Street before the capitulati...

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    • Lwowska

      Wanda Grabowska lives there; Marysia rents two rooms from her in March 1943, Helena Szereszewska and her daughters h...