Chełmska, mieszkanie Zofii From Warsaw

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  • Chełmska, mieszkanie Zofii
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  • The flat was situated in a modern tenement house, on the fifth or sixth floor. In the room there was only a bed, chair and a sewing machine. There were lots of rags all around, since the lonely mother earned her and her small child's living by sewing.

  • 302/97 Franciszka Grunberg, born in 1898 in Lodz, nee Grosberger, daughter of Izydor (Icek) and Regina (Rywka), no title. Part I: We leave the ghetto. Living conditions in the Warsaw ghetto after the first liquidation action. Construction of shelters, attempts to find a hideout on the 'Aryan side'. The author together with her husband escaped from the ghetto and was hiding with some Poles, her son elsewhere. The Hotel Polski affair, the author and her husband robbed by blackmailers. Part II: Fragment on her stay in the monastery of the Congregation of the Resurrection in Chelmska St. during the Warsaw uprising, the friars' care of the refugees. Part III: Through Fields and Forests. Compulsory evacuation from Warsaw, wandering through villages. Between September 1944 and January 1945, the author, her husband and their son wandered across the Mazowsze countryside, unable to find a permanent place to stay. Th author was a dentist, and lost her older daughter in the Warsaw ghetto. She was hiding under the name Lukomska. While in hiding she wrote a diary, which she reconstructed and supplemented after the liberation. In 1947 she submitted it to the Central Jewish Historical Commission. After the war she emigrated from Poland. Original, longhand, pp. 1-621, format: 210 x 150 mm (9 notebooks), in Polish. Copy: typescript, p. 1-327, format 290 x 210 mm. Publication: Pamiętniki z getta warszawskiego, Warsaw, 1993, pp. 202-205, 216-223, 272-279, 314-321 (fragments).

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