Given name: Hersz Family name: Wasser

  • YES
  • Male
  • Hersz
  • Wasser
  • Waser
  • A Master of Arts. Ringelblum's Archive secretary. Belonged to the executive authority of the Archive's committee (he was its secretary), which was set up in Warsaw, as early as winter 1939/1940. His task was to collect materials issued by the occupier. During the First and Second Action he was related to the 'shop' called 'the East-German carpenters' shop' located in Gesia Street. At that time its 'block of flats' was located in Mila Street. In the horrible, last days of the First Action, he was in hiding with his wife and, among other people, with Ringelblum and his wife in the house at Nowolipki Street No. 68. After the First Action he worked in Halman's shop at Gesia Street. At that time he lived in Mila Street. After the Second Action he crossed to the 'Aryan side.' Together with Ringelblum (who at that time already was on the 'Aryan side' with his own family) went to the ghetto to spend the Seder (1943) with friends who were still in there. After this night they crossed to the 'Aryan side.' He survived the war.

  • Intelligentsia
  • s.160, 194,195,202,203,