Given name: Hagar Family name: Skorpion

  • YES
  • Female
  • Hagar
  • Skorpion
  • The member of the ' Hachszara' group, in the second half of 1941 suffers from typhus, taken by Helena Rufeisen-Schuepper in a rickshaw to hospital, thanks to favouritism he is admitted and put into bed. Came through typhus, came back from hospital to Plugi at Nalewki Street No. 10 very weaken. Her mother died, in the flat in Krochmalna Street the little brother was left, 'poor, scrawny, lonely and helpless child. Thanks to intervention of the acquaintances from Centos (Central Organization for Orphan Care) the boy was admitted into the Orphanage'.

  • activists
  • Rufeisen-Schuepper, Helena Pozegnanie Milej 18. Wspomnienia laczniczki Zydowskiej Organizacji Bojowej (A Farewell in Mila Street No. 18. Memoirs of a Messenger of the Jewish Fighting Organisation)

  • 30; 34