Given name: Halina Family name: Unknown

  • YES
  • Female
  • Halina
  • 1927
  • the beginning of 1944
  • Oświęcim
  • in 1941 she lived with her mother at Nalewki Street No. 23. At the beginning of the action she hid in Toebbens's shop. He moved with her mother and the Birenbaum family to Leszno Street No. 64, to a house for the Toebbens's shop's workers. She lost her mother during a blockade of this tenement house. During a 'round-up' in Mila Street she hid with aunt N. Birenbaum and her daughter Halina in Mila Street No. 26 in the attic (she did not have a number). During the uprising she hid in a bunker in Mila Street No. 3. In May 1943 deported to Majdanek. Next imprisoned in the Auschwitz. She died in a gas chamber

  • youth
  • s.20-21, 25, 42, 51-53,56, 60-61, 75, 79, 99,120, 151