Given name: Ala Family name: Unknown

  • YES
  • Female
  • Ala
  • A nurse. Zosia and Ala, who were together with Adina at Miodowa Street No. 24 in June and July 1944, often came to Miedzylesie. Ala and Zosia worked as domestic help in a villa in Mokotow and had their own room in the basement. Their employers knew only that they were two girls from good families, thrown out from the Reich. They were treated as family members , they ate with the houseowners and had to listen to them carping about the Jews. At the beginning of the Warsaw uprising they came to the field hospital in Miodowa Street and worked as paramedics. Later on Ala went to Srodmiescie through sewers, and worked in the hospital in Mokotowska Street. On 11 October 1944 Ala left Warsaw, she stayed in Grodzisk until the liberation.

  • activists, medicine
  • 89,90,100,129,131,132,134