Given name: Johanan Family name: Morgenstern (2)

  • (1, 2) YES
  • (1, 2) Male
  • (1) Johanan , (2) Jochanan
  • (1) Morgenstern , (2) Morgensztern
  • (1) 1943-06-05
  • (1) 1905
  • (1) Zamość
  • (1) Warszawa
  • (1, 2) No information
  • (1)

    Since 1929, he worked as an instructor in the Warsaw central of Poale Zion Smol. He worked with the party's newspapers. He was a delegate on the XXI Zionist Congress in Geneva. At the beginning of the war, he was arrested and sent to a labour camp near Lublin. Thanks to Jewish activists' help, he returned to the ghetto and became one of the leaders of underground Poale Zion Smol. Member of the Jewish National Committee (ZKN), and then the Jewish Fighting Organisation (ZOB); he took care of the finance of the organisation. He worked in K. G. Schultz's shop. He left the ghetto with the insurgents on 29 April and hid with others in the basement at Ogrodowa Street No. 29 (27). On 6 May, the Germans came down there. They shot all the men, including Morgenstern.


    a party activist, in the Warsaw ghetto he headed Szul-Kult (Association for Schooling and Culture) - the organisation which ran schools in Yiddish with a big share of Hebrew

    • (1, 2) activists
  • (2)

    Szulkult (Association for Schooling and Culture) - the schools were connected with the Poale Zion party

  • (1) 137,239, (2) 144