Given name: Josek Family name: "Kinol"

  • YES
  • Male
  • Josek
  • "Kinol"
  • 1930
  • during the July action he wanders on the 'Aryan side', he meets Kulas with sister; they get ot Mrs. Katolowa; he goes with children for soup to the work detail; one day in the winter 1943 he prevents a thief from stealing from Mrs. Katolowa's house, but as a consequence he is summoned as a witness to the police - he has to leave Katolowa's house; after blackmailers' intrusion he has to leave together with the rest of children; he finds a job as a cowherd at a peasant from near Radzymin; he works hard, but he has a place to sleep and something to eat; after some time, when the village starts to suspect him, he escapes to Warsaw; he meets his old acquaintances; he sells cigarettes at Three Crosses' Square; in November 1943 he moves with three guys to sell near The Eastern Railway Station (Dworzec Wschodni); in July 1944 he lives with Mr. Chmielczyk in Saska Kepa, he goes looting abandoned houses in Praga; he survived the war; he lives in Israel

  • children
  • 8,13,14,17,19,25-29,69,80,, 92,99,100