Given name: Guta Family name: Kawenoki (2)

  • (1, 2) YES
  • (1, 2) Female
  • (1) Guta , (2) Guta
  • (1) Kawenoki , (2) Kawenoki
  • (1) 1920
  • (1) Łódź
  • (1) Warszawa
  • (1, 2) No information
  • (1)

    Guta came from Bialystok. Her father was a textile manufacturer, the mother was a pharmacist. Guta worked as a dental technician's assistant; an active member of 'Gordonia'. In 1940 came to Warsaw. In the ghetto she was the treasurer of the Jewish Fighting Organisation ZOB). Belonged to a 'Gordonia' combat group During the Uprising she fought in the area of Toebbens' and Schultz's shops, and then in a partisan detachment in the forests near Wyszkow and Czerwony Bor upon the river Narew. When she fell severlye ill, she came back to Warsaw. In hiding with Jakub Fajgenblat and Zygmunt Igla at Grzybowski Square No. 6. The caretaker of the house denounced them to the Gestapo. All three of them died when they were fighting the Germans that came to arrest them.


    One of the surviving fighters from the ghetto. Died with her friends in the forest near Wyszkow.

    • (1, 2) activists
  • (1) 128,131, 141,142,236, (2) 204