Given name: Aron Family name: Chmielnicki

  • YES
  • Male
  • Aron
  • Chmielnicki
  • Opoczno
  • He lived with his parents and six siblings in Opoczno. The father had a bakery. Aron went to cheder school, then to Polish school, then to Tarbut - a Jewish high school. He began vocational school when the war began. He belonged to Gordon. During the occupation he lived in the ghetto in Opoczno. The father was until 1942 a member of the Judenrat. In January 1943 Aron jumps from a transport to the camp. He gets to the Warsaw ghetto; attempts to contact E. Geller. In February he makes contact and gets admitted to the Gordon group, gets a weapon. He fights in the Toebbens area. He escapes through the canals 28-29 April with 40 fighters. Several days in the Lomianki forest, then in the partisans in the surrounding forests. In May 1945 he went to Palestine.

  • activists
  • post-war surname: Karmi

  • 72,103-148