Given name: Jan Family name: Brust

  • YES
  • Male
  • Jan
  • Brust
  • 1943
  • He was Polish, a factory-worker in Rakow. His address became the mail box of the Coordinating Committee. He actively helped the Coordinating Committee messenger - Wladka. Many times he recieved her and put her up for the night in his house, he repeatedly transferred money, drugs and food for Jewish children who survived, as well as political sources and secret mail to the factory. Unfortunately he was exposed during one of the inspections and despite many efforts and bribes, generously given by Jewish workers, he lost his life.

  • activists
  • He was friendly and helpful. A highly - qualified craftsman. The Coordinating Committee paid him well, but despite that Brust remained extremely friendly, polite and reliable.

  • str. 308,310