Zaprosiłem na narady

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  • Zaprosiłem na narady

  • pocz.czerwca 42
  • pocz.czerwca 42
  • in the ghetto
  • social/communal, private life / daily life
  • physicians, orphanages
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    • Korczak Janusz

      author of a memoir

    • Brokman Henryk

      A paediatrician, Warsaw University professor.

    • Braude-Hellerowa Anna

      A paediatrician, she organised the reconstruction of the Bersohn and Bauman Children's Hospital. Between 1930 and 19...

    • Przedborski Jan

      a paediatrician, in ghetto he worked in the orphanage at Wolnosc Street No. 14

    • Ganz-Radwański Tadeusz

      a paediatrician, in the ghetto he occupied himself with epidemiology as an employee in the Health Department of the...

    • Lifszyc Izydor,Izaak

      a pediatrician, during the interwar period head of the children department of the maternity ward in the hospital in...

    • Mayzner Marian,Mojżesz

      pediatrician, director of the Main Shelter Home for abandoned children at Dzielna Street No. 39

    • Zandowa Natalia

      a neurologist, worked in the hospital in Czyste Street, before the war she organized camps for Jewish children

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