Selekcja u Schultza - pognano na Umschlag 800...

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  • Selekcja u Schultza - pognano na Umschlag 800 osób, ale potem wiele stamtąd uciekło ukryte w karawanach

  • 1943-01-20
  • 1943-01-20
  • deportation
  • German operations
  • rescue attempts, selection, Shops, deportation
  • 120,212,122
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    • Borosek Unknown

      a hilarious short man, he worked with Irena on the same machine.

    • Erlich Unknown

      Works at a furrier's workshop at Schultz; taken to the Umschlagplatz during the selection on January 20 1943, but ra...

    • Klimanek Unknown

      A director, a supervisor of the furrier shop in Schultz's factory, considered an ex-SS-man, pervert and sadist.

    • Krancowa Unknown

      A forewoman at Schultz's factory, during the selection on 20 January 1943 taken to the Umschlagplatz, later on rescu...

    • T Unknown

      The Jewish manager of Schultz's factory - during the action on 3 September he was caught and searched. People said t...

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