Potem urządziliśmy im jeszcze jedno mieszkanie...

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  • Potem urządziliśmy im jeszcze jedno mieszkanie na Leszno

  • wrzesień ?44
  • underground activity, housing
  • Jewish underground movement
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    • Lubetkin Cywia,Celina

      Her father was a shop owner. Cywia completed Polish Primary school. She was engaged in the He-Halutz movement, was D...

    • Cukierman Icchak,Antek

      a member of Dror, one of the underground leaders in the Warsaw ghetto, editor of underground press and secret classe...

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    • Leszno 18

      Cywia Lubetkin and Icchak Cukierman hid there before and during the Warsaw Uprising; this is also where the Jewish F...