Matka Adiny zabrana i wywieziona, Adina z Tosi...

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  • Matka Adiny zabrana i wywieziona, Adina z Tosią patrzą przez okno na prowadzonych ludzi

  • 1942-07-29
  • 1942-07-30
  • deportation
  • private life / daily life
  • deportation, private life
  • 33
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      the senior registrar of the infectious diseases ward in a subsidiary of the the Bersohn and Bauman hospital, a polic...

    • Efros Unknown

      On July 30 1942, she went with his newborn son to the Umschlagplatz.

    • Lichtenbaumowa Unknown

      head of the Bersohn and Bauman hospital ward, on 30 July 1942 she was on her way to the Umschlagplatz

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