Blokada na Chłodnej

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  • Blokada na Chłodnej

  • 1942-08-10
  • 1942-08-10
  • deportation
  • German operations
  • street, deportation
  • 100
  • Related people:

    • Baumberg Ignacy

      A lawyer. At the beginning of the war he went to Lvov, met a young widow there and got married. She had an 11-year-o...

    • Benklowa Jadwiga

      Attorney Benkl's wife, who was taken to a camp by Germans in the first months of the war. During the First Action sh...

    • Baumberg Aniela

      A clerk, she had a lot of Polish friends. Apparently she managed to get to the "Aryan" side.

    • Kramsztyk Roman

      Shot during a blockade at Chlodna Street.

    Related places:

    • Chłodna

      Ignacy Baumberg with his family lives there