Given name: Bronka Family name: Feinmesser

  • YES
  • Female
  • Bronka
  • Feinmesser
  • A messenger, recommender by Marek Edelman. 24 years old, was a switchboard operator in a Jewish children's hospital. Bronka belonged to the Bund, attended an anniversary meeting in autumn 1943 at Miedowa Street No. 24. Rented a flat at Leszno Street No. 18, where e.g. the leading commanders of the Jewish Fighting Organisation (ZOB) were hiding. A hideout between two walls was created in the new 'Marysia's' flat.

  • activists
  • Meed, Władka; On Both Sides of the Wall. Memoirs from the Warsaw Ghetto

  • 140, 234,274,289