Given name: Stefania Family name: Wilczyńska

  • YES
  • Female
  • Stefania
  • Wilczyńska
  • 1886
  • 1942
  • An educator, a creative implementer of the concepts and principles of educational system in Korczak’s Orphanage. A graduate of junior high school and Froebel courses, between 1906 and 1908 she studied natural sciences at the University of Liege. Together with Korczak she started to work in Krochmalna Street No. 92 as the chief housemistress; she managed the orphanage herself during the I War; at the beginning of 20s she was the head of the Korczak’s Orphanage and the dormitory. In 1937 she left the Orphanage where she worked for 25 years and worked as a clerk in the Pedagogical Clinic of the Centos (the Central Organization for Orphan Care). In the 1930s she was as a tourist in Palestine. In March 1938 she went there with the intention to stay there permanently. She returned to Poland in May 1939 probably to help Korczak in his planned journey to Palestine. The war caught her in Poland 'I did not go because I do not want to leave without the children'. She died with the children and the whole staff of the Korczak's Orphanage.

  • activists
  • 85, 115 p