Given name: Teodor Family name: Rajs

  • YES
  • Male
  • Teodor
  • Rajs
  • A violinist. He attended the Kreczmar junior high school. He was a very gifted boy, a top student and the best violinist in the school orchestra. His father was a Jewish writer, a Zionist. He named his only son Teodor in order to honour Teodor Hercl. Since he was a youngster, Teodor Rajs became a positive follower of the assimilation of Jews. He was a socialist, a Marxist. He became a professional musician. He left to the USA and was accepted as a member of the philharmonic orchestra in Philadelphia. He returned to Warsaw a few years before the outbreak of war. After the actions he was sent to Treblinka together with a group of useless Jewish policemen. In the Warsaw ghetto he was a policeman and a member of the ghetto orchestra.

  • artists/writers
  • str.171.174-176