Mały teatr produkuje show "Dr Berghof prz...

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  • Mały teatr produkuje show "Dr Berghof przyjmuje od 4 do 6". Drugi teatr - Analiza snów wg Freuda, śpiewa Wiera Gran, Schlegel pisze (zniekształca nazwisko), mieszka na Nalewkach - ojciec w KD

  • in the ghetto
  • private life / daily life
  • actors, household committees, musicians, artists/writers
  • Judkowski, Noemi, "A requiem for two families", translated by Leon Komar

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    • Judkowski Noemi

      The author of the book. She graduated from Warsaw University of Technology as an architect and later she was in Ghet...

    • Rozenstrauch Michał

      Noem's father was in the House Committee together with his wife and older daughter. They were murdered in Majdanek.